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Fire Hose Reel

A fire hose reel system is a firefighting equipment designed to provide a controlled and accessible supply of water for extinguishing fires. It consists of a storage device, usually a cylindrical drum, which contains a length of fire hose. The drum is connected to a water supply, and the hose can be unwound and used to direct a stream of water onto the fire.

Fire hose reels are one of the efficient fire-fighting solutions that Safety Line LLC offers. Every hose reel provides an immediate and constant flow of water, enabling you to put out flames quickly. The installation of fire hose reels is acceptable in a variety of structures, and many of our products meet specific requirements.


Understanding of Fire Hose Reel System Components 

Here are some key components and features of a typical fire hose reel system:

-> Hose reel drum: The drum is made of metal or durable plastic and houses the fire hose. It is designed to withstand the pressure of the water and provides a means of storing and deploying the hose.

-> ire hose: The hose is a flexible tube made of rubber or synthetic materials capable of withstanding high water pressure. It is usually between 19mm (¾ inch) to 25mm (1 inch) in diameter and can vary in length depending on the specific installation requirements.

-> Nozzle: The hose is equipped with a nozzle at the end that can be adjusted to control the water flow, stream pattern, and distance. The nozzle allows firefighters to direct the water onto the fire effectively.

-> Valve and shut-off mechanism: The system is equipped with a valve that controls the water supply to the hose reel. It is usually operated by a manual control or an automatic mechanism, such as a fusible link or a ball valve, which activates when exposed to heat.

-> Mounting bracket: The hose reel drum is typically mounted on a wall or a sturdy structure using a bracket. This ensures that the reel is securely positioned and easily accessible during an emergency.

-> Signage and markings: Fire hose reel systems are required to have clear signage indicating their location. This helps firefighters and building occupants quickly identify and access the equipment during a fire emergency.

Fire hose reel systems are commonly installed in various commercial, industrial, and residential buildings to provide a first line of defense against fires. They are typically positioned in corridors, near exits, or at strategic locations throughout a building to ensure adequate coverage.


Fire Hose Reel Use

A fire hose reel is a device that is used to store and dispense a fire hose. It is typically mounted on a wall or ceiling in a building or on a vehicle, such as a fire truck. The fire hose is attached to the reel and can be easily unrolled and deployed in the event of a fire.

The reel includes a handle that is used to control the flow of water through the hose, as well as a nozzle that is used to direct the water toward the fire. The length of the fire hose reel can be extended to 35 meters and 19mm in diameter. A hose reel is an important tool for firefighters as it allows them to quickly and easily access the hose and begin fighting the fire. It is also an important safety feature as it helps to prevent tripping and falling accidents that can occur when a hose is left uncoiled on the ground.

Contact us for fire hose reel system, we have a professional staff available at your service.


Fire Hydrants System Overview

A fire hydrant system, also known as a fire plug, is a network of water supply components designed to provide water for firefighting purposes. It is an essential part of fire protection infrastructure in many communities and buildings.

A fire hydrant system is a network of pipes, valves, and hydrants that is designed to provide a source of water for firefighters to use in the event of a fire. Fire hydrants are strategically located throughout a community. It is typically located on the street or outside of a building and it can be opened by firefighters using a special tool called a hydrant wrench. It is used to supply water to hoses or other firefighting equipment.

Fire hydrant systems play a critical role in firefighting and are an important aspect of public safety infrastructure.

At Safety Line LLC, we can carry out routine tests and maintenance on your private hydrant network all year round, so you can be confident that your hydrants are always available for use.

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